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We are committed to helping our community grow and our residents to prosper by providing housing in pleasant communities at sensible rents.

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For all work orders please contact your site.

Applications and re-certifications will be accepted via E-mail or dropped off in the front vestibule or dropbox.

Please stay 6 feet away from the maintenance and custodial staff, for their safety and yours.





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Our Profile and History:

A five member Board of Commissioners governs The Flint Housing Commission, created in 1964. The Board members, appointed by the Mayor of the City of Flint, establish the overall policy in matters concerning the operation of the Housing Commission.

 The Executive Director, appointed by the Board of Commissioners, is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for coordinating and implementing the policies established by the Board of Commissioners.

Since its' inception, the Housing Commission has grown into a medium sized Public Housing agency (PHA) that owns 1,248 units of Low Income Public Housing. The programs of the FHC are funded through the rental income of residents, as well as, operating subsidy from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD's funding, and thus our own, is dependent on annual appropriations through Congress.

Also, grants are received annually for the Renovation and Modernization of these units. The public housing program is not limited to the rental and maintenance of physical facilities, but has also operated programs designed to resolve many of the social and economic problems experienced by low-income families.

The Housing Commission also provides rental assistance for approximately 700 families through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. This mechanism, with involvement from the private sector, has the ability of expanding the housing choices available to low-income families.

It is the FHC's goal to assist in every way possible to improve the living conditions of the people choosing to reside with us.

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         FHC 2019 PHA Plan Significant Amendment No. 1

                         Section 3 Policy July 1, 2019


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Contact Us

Postal Address:

3820 Richfield Rd. Flint, MI 48506

Phone (810) 736-3050     Fax: (810) 736-0158     TTY-TDD (810) 736-7061

Email: Main Mailbox

     Online Application

The Low Income Public Housing 1 and 2 bedroom waitlist will close effective January 18, 2021

Once you submit the Low-Income Public Housing application, please use the  Notification of Change Form to make any changes to your application.  You can download and print the form here. Mail, fax or hand deliver the completed form to the Flint Housing Commission

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Here are some of the services we have to help our residents

Family Self Sufficiency

Community Support / Section 3

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Our Board Of Commissioners 

Geraldine Redmond     President - Resident Commissioner

Philip Schmitter            Vice President

 San Juana Olivares     Commissioner

Chia Morgan                 Commissioner

DeWaun Robinson       Commissioner 


                 Executive Director

                             Harold Ince, Jr


                    In Memory of Willie Duncan


         With gratitude for his service to the           Flint Housing Commission from 2003-2019.